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hi, there! I'm so glad that you have arrived here. The blog is a reflection of how I approach life. It has twists and turns and maybe a surprise or two if you keep your eyes peeled. Go on an adventure, get lost for a moment, and have no fear - you can always find your way back. Get in touch when you are ready. Your love story is epic, your photos should be, too.


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“Where could it be?!” Ali wondered. “When were you last wearing it?!” one of the bridesmaids questioned as we attempted to solve this conundrum. We were all perplexed as we retraced her steps to the ceremony site. Somewhere along the way Ali’s veil blew off and it was nowhere to be found. Since we were […]


Ali + JB’s Blue Ridge Mountain Wedding at Grandfather Golf and Country Club | Boone NC Photographer


“If it was sanitary, I’d give you a high five right now because that was the best freakin’ meal I’ve eaten in a while!” I was not quiet about it either because the fella who had just walked up with his family interjected with, “I’m glad to hear that!” Good food makes me happy, simple […]


How Spontaneous Adventures Can Strengthen Your Relationship


“We have to go to Plan B!,” said one of the bridesmaids. “If we do it outside at the original ceremony site your dress will get ruined before the day even begins!” After that, a flurry of activity began as furniture got shuffled and the guests and groomsmen were notified of the switch. The ceremony […]


Kari + Chad’s Mountaintop Destination Wedding at Kilkelly’s in Blowing Rock, NC | Boone Wedding Photographer


“Hold on now! We wouldn’t want you to fall off the golf cart!”, Ali hollered. Meanwhile, I have a death-grip with my left hand on the cameras and my right was white knuckling it on the—pardon my French—“oh shit!” bar (that’s what it’s called, right?! hahaha) while he whizzed us around the course!JB was obviously […]


Ali + JB’s Engagement Adventure at Grandfather Golf & Country Club | Boone NC Photographer