Fortune Cookie Affirmations

  • I love the way you think! Makes for amazingly creative pieces. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • You’re so creative! And I have to admit that I go to Tweetsie every year whether I have a kid to take with me or not.

  • Jessica, you do know I love your blog don’t you?

    Just wanted to tell you that 🙂

  • I heart you too, girl! Keep up the gorgeousness!

  • get stuck in to the glue and go for it

  • sorry that was a bad one.get stuck into the glue.see if Cody can do better.

  • Yey! I love it.

    Good luck on your aspirey aspirations.

  • you are so talented. i’m with 1218, i love the way you think : )

  • oooooh, I like!

  • 1218: At least someone does…haha….thanks!

    carmen: haha…..I’ll let you know what I think when I go for the first time! and thank you :o)

    sian: Awe shucks……you make me blush 🙂 Thank you dear!

    TD: And you know, I heart you just as much!! Don’t worry, I will….

    POD: Cody has nothing to do with any of it….he leaves those sorts of things for me to play with!

    prin: Well, thank you! I need all the luck I can get :o)

    a little bird: I feel the same way about you girlie!

    lydia: just a little break from the photos 😉

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