Good Food & Great Views

  • i wondered where the food had gone from your pic’s.but you can’t take pic’s of food if the food is of no worth.i could eat it of the pic. thanks

  • Depending on how big that phoenix sculpture was, it would have scared the crap out of me!

  • What a view. I wish the east coast had mountains like that.

  • Now THAT was original!! wow! the food? *drooool* – what great memories you forged there… sigh. makes me almost forget the cold dreary rain outside today, which will hang around for the entire week. Mleh. I need more photos, please! 😀

  • Jen

    I have to revisit Big Sur after seeing your super pics. The last time we were there we drove through it with 4 month old Robin in the back seat. We loved the views but she just glared at the back of her dad’s head the whole time- very angry to be restrained in the car seat.

  • How cool that you got the weather cam pic. 🙂

  • Oh, Wow! I haven’t dropped by for a few days and what a great way to wrap up my evening: Nepenthe! When I first commented at your blog that I wondered if Nepenthe was still there and you said it was and to stay tuned, little did I know that you’d provide such an awesome reminder of the essence of this place. I am so thrilled to know about the Webcam there, too, and to see that you two prevailed until you were snapped for posterity … oh, so charming.

  • Pod: If the food was worth taking a photo of, believe me, I did 🙂

    1218: It was no where near as big as the weird hand thing I saw on your blog…..but it was about 10 foot tall maybe?!

    greg: Me too, Greg, me too!

    TD: As I get to look back, you’re right, we did forge a lot of wonderful memories :o)

    jen: Driving through definitely doesn’t do this place justice. I would say going back someday is a MUST!! 🙂

    prin: I’m so dorky!

    lydia: I should have dedicated this post to you 🙂 Nepenthe was a really cool place to go, food was over priced, but what isn’t in Big Sur!! Now you can check on Big Sur whenever you want. :o)

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