On a Mission……..

  • Thank you so much for sharing this visit with us. I agree with you that we are unable to truly understand how far we have come, unless we look at where we have been. As always, the way you write encaptures the reader, and this is so perfectly complimented with the photographs that you include in your post. The textures and colours of each image provide a feeling of almost being there.

    Thank you again for sharing your journey with us.

  • That church is so gorgeous! I know I don’t really do religion but I can see wanting to get married in a place so gorgeous as that. Your trip was truly amazing!

  • Beautiful pictures. This makes me want to go on vacation SO badly!!!

  • Oh wow, this is stunning. I can see why you would want to beat the bus crowd and soak it all in on your own.
    This is purely divine! The grounds, breathtaking. The history, totally fascinating. I would love to go see it for myself. Thank you so much for sharing this, I would not ever have heard of it otherwise.

  • WW,
    The shot of the statue’s hands holding flowers takes my breath away! That could win an award, blue ribbon. I looked at your other mission shots from the link and saw the comment left there about this same photo – and agree with the commenter. I also just paid a visit to the Verve link; wow, that’s a whole new thing to me and very interesting. Your world is beautiful and you show us our beautiful world through your lens. Lovely.

  • Very very very very very GOOD PIC’s Did i say really really really really GOOD .what i’m trying to say really very GOOD.you know when you get it spot on.good feeling.

  • I love the statue, you have captured her so beautifully. The close up of the flower in the hands is a very nice touch. You have managed to capture a kindness and and a feeling of safety in her.
    The mission looks like a great place to explore and learn local history.

  • WOW. I really want to visit this place. Great pictures.

  • getty: It is my pleasure, really. I very much enjoy sharing my experiences. I always like recognizing how different I have become over the years, looking into my past allows me to see that.

    1218: Same here….unless I get married on a mountaintop somewhere 😉

    dolce: Thank you….you will & should!

    gillian: If we hung out with the crowd we would have gotten to listen to the guide, but then people would have been in my way when I was trying to capture an image….can’t have that, now can I!! Maybe there is a mission near you which would be just as interesting?

    lydia: Blue ribbon, haha. THANKS! I really love taking photos of statues, I wish we had cool cemeteries around here for that reason – but we don’t. Verve is pretty cool, I’ve found a few new people through there, you should sign up!! Thank you for the beautiful comment :o)

    POD: I don’t think in all your comments that I’ve ever enlisted a reaction like that…..so…..were they a 10?!?!?! haha

    liss: It was a great place to explore after a day of hiking near the ocean!

    greg: Wow is exactly what I said as I walked up into the Basilica…..it was truly captivating!

  • wow! I can’t believe how beautiful and striking the mission is… and all in Carmel? I am going to have to visit. You are opening my eyes to this great state I’m living in : ) thanks.

  • Ooo I’ve been to Carmel… isn’t it just so gorgeous? At night it lights up cozily, mmm dreamy…

    The first photo is just perfect, it caught and held my eye for the longest time. Great treatment on it!!

  • Great pics! 🙂 Super pretty place.

  • just a 10 out of 100. Ha Ha Ha. very very very very very very 10/10 must do better.LOVE to you and him indoors.

  • The last one is fantastic. I could remember a place very peacefull in Brazil. : )

  • Mac

    Nice photos…meticulously taken with a sense of creativity.

  • a little bird: Maybe a road trip is in store for you yet!!

    TD: I felt the same way when I saw her in person, I couldn’t stop staring……the mission was pretty much all the time we had in Carmel, quite a shame….

    prin: Thanks, it surely was.

    pod: You’re like a slave driver…..do better….thanks for pushing me :o)

    camila: Brazil, oh I bet it doesn’t compare…..maybe I’ll get to go there one day?!

    mac: Thanks *grins* When am I going to see you on Skype again?!?!?! Love you 🙂

  • One of the things that I love about California is the variety of plant life and the mission there in Carmel is home to such an amazing variety of color.

    Wasn’t Clint Eastwood the mayor of Carmel at one time?

  • meridith: You know, I don’t know if Clint Eastwood was ever mayor?!?!

  • Your photos are all very lovely. I especially like your take on the hands. Beautiful. 😀

  • O

    I’d love to see this place in person. The photo of the hands w/flowers is beautiful.

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