*Orton Effect*

  • I’ll have to try again later… my first try wasn’t that successful. I’ve bookmarked that page!

  • This makes me feel really out of touch. We haven’t bought Photoshop yet. I have a sticky note here at the computer that says: “Corel Paintshop Pro; better than Photoshop, download trial free version.” Did I read about Paintshop at your blog? I can’t remember what generated this important-looking sticky!

  • Happy Blogging Birthday with a cherry on top (just because I know you like cherries). Nice photoshop tip I will have to remember this so I can have a go at it at the next appropriate photo I take.

  • amazing photos throughout your blog. what a treat to visit

  • he he. I am going to be bad and say it… that flower looks like women bits! *grin*

    very pretty effects, i love it!

  • Nuri: Let me know if you have a questions, I can help you 🙂

    lydia: I’m a huge advocate for Corel, maybe it was me, it’s very user friendly, and waaaaaay cheaper than Adobe. I believe it’s only $80?!?! I think ‘Lightroom’ would be a good alternative to CS2 or CS3 also if you want to check that out.

    liss: Thank you! You do a lot of portraits, this effect would look good with one of those photos, try it out!

    ascender: I’m glad you stopped by! Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

    TD: haha….I won’t even go into why I never posted a photo of the pink lady slipper…..a hint would be the opposite of women bits 😉

  • Oooo!! Pretty!

    I don’t have photoshop anymore either. *sniff*