Stunning Oasis

  • very good work, more.

  • What a spectacular view. I miss those California beaches.

  • biker

    I would love to spend a day playing in the falls and pool. A little paradise on Earth.

  • Wow, so beautiful.

  • I love the two shades of blue and the wildflowers that form a natural picket fence border.

  • Gorgeous!

  • Is that a virgin beach? It looks amazing… such a rare gem to find a place not messed up by humans.

    Gorgeous. I love it.

  • wow. all of your photos are spectacular, makes me think i should get outside more and appreciate this state i’m living in!

  • That is an absolutely gorgeous photo! Look at the different colors of blue in the water. I also appreciated your words about conservation/preservation. You might consider sharing your Big Sur travel journal and photos with a group whose mission it is to preserve Big Sur. Sierra Club, maybe? A calendar could be made from your artistic renditions of your amazing trip . . .
    (gee, thanks for your special comment about me at little bird’s blog!)

  • Pod: You got it! :o)

    greg: I miss them too……

    biker: It was a like a little paradise, too bad you couldn’t hang out on that beach though 🙁 It was for the best….

    elisabeth: Thanks for stopping by! and thank you 🙂

    meridith: In person, there were more than just 2 shades of blue….every blue you could imagine was preset!

    1218: Thanks :o)

    TD: Technically, people are not supposed to go down there…..access is not readily available, although I suspect that it’s been done before. If you get caught there would be some hefty fines!!

    a little bird: You better 😉

    lydia: That’s not a bad idea…..I’ll have to do some checking into that….a calendar would be a great little keepsake for next year! I am planning on making a photo book of my favorites for myself 🙂
    (You’re welcome, it was very well deserved)

  • Mmmmmm, so peaceful… I can almost hear the sea lapping against the shore…..

  • Amazing.

  • getty: It was pretty peaceful….

    prin: 🙂

  • Mac

    Nice photo to use for a cover of a travel and/or vacation magazine.

  • Mac: Maybe so?!?!

  • marvelous

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