10 Reasons to Visit the Farmer’s Market | Boone, NC

  • I'm looking forward to ours starting up again. These are some great shots. I especially loved the blueberries in the containers with the sign. Happy WW!

  • I LOVE this post! Actually, I was preparing a tiny photo essay on the farmer's market of where I'm currently living in Switzerland. I go every saturday (even during winter!)

  • The Boone FM is one of my all time favorite places to be. Cruising around with coffee in hand and a bag full of goodies is guaranteed to make any Saturday better.

    This Saturday I am hoping to stock up on starter plants for our garden! Hooray!

  • We have a few options as far as farmers markets go, which adds a nice variety to what it available. I go as often as I can!

  • the only farmers market is a little place called charlie browns about 20 miles from here, and there produce is not the best, but one more reason to ready healthy, my husband went from junk, to good fruits and veggies, lost over 50 pounds…

  • Those are definitely the best reasons I've ever seen! 😉

    WW: Alligator Fun

  • @Alicia: Thank you! So glad ours is back, I missed it so.

    @Katerina: It'd be awesome if our farmer's market ran during the winter. I'd love to see this post when you complete it! Thank you 😀

    @Andi: Bald Guy Brew is the first stop we make upon hitting the FM! Love those Bald Guy Elixir's! We've been planting our starters this week. Yay! for garden time 😀

    @Patchie: There are a few other markets around where we live. I don't often visit any of those, but maybe I should?! Glad to hear you shop at the Farmer's Market 😀

    @DDD: Fresh fruits and veggies is definitely the way to go! Too bad you don't have a better market to shop at. Maybe there are farmers in your area?

    @Stacy: Thanks for stopping by!

  • I am so excited to begin shopping at the market again. This Friday I'm heading to the downtown where a local farmer's market is…I get fresh honey, and homemade jam. Nothing beats summer for market shopping!

  • Seriously, your pictures are to die for. I want to hang that blueberry picture in my kitchen.

  • wonderful post. I have a long wait until any farmers markets are out by me in WI yet. I am already longing for fresh tomatoes! thanks for the link too, I hope I can find a big market with more things available. Happy WW! Faythe fromGMT

  • Farmers markets are grand, I love the photographs you captured there!

  • These are great photos! I love the blueberry pic.

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