The Hidden Benefits of Massage

  • That sounds really cool..i would love to get a massage…..hmm…..anyways good luck to the lucky winner!

  • Ps, nope never had a massage, sounds great tho…

  • My husband and I both had our very first massages at Turtle Bay Resort while on our honeymoon in Hawaii. It was in an open air hut on the beach, and was probably both the most expensive and most wonderful hour of our lives. We have had a few other massages since then, and they do amazing things for your stress level and overall outlook on life. It is often a splurge of sorts, depending on where you go, but always worth it.

  • I had my very first (and only) massage when I was pregnant a couple of years ago. I had always wanted to get one and have wanted to have another ever since. It was so awesome. It was a gift and I always find it hard to spend the money for something like that on myself. Maybe I do just need to shop around a little more.

  • PS… I requested her to be a friend too.

  • The first two times I got professional massages were incredibly luxurious–soothing and relaxing, but I couldn't say they did much for me beyond the wonderful experience on the table. Then, I strained myself moving, leading to the worst back pain I've ever experienced, and, finding the massage therapist I knew busy, found another one through the yellow pages. And, as such, I had my surprising and eye-opening introduction to intense deep tissue massage. It was completely different than my previous experiences–more like getting beaten up than soothed. But…after an hour, the results were astounding. My back was like new.I've been a believer in therapeutic massage ever since.

  • I've had a few massages and they have always been wonderful experiences. I would say that I prefer late afternoon or evening ones over a.m. ones. with a toddler in the house, coming back home to a full day of running around doesn't make the relaxation last!

  • If I was closer.. 😀

    Personally, after having massages at spas and massagey places, I decided I like my osteopath at the sports medicine clinic the best. With upwards of ten people in the room and never having to take any of my clothes off, it's the best for my trust issues. 😀

    But yes, people need massages more often. Much more often.

  • Yes, I have had massages in the past to help with my headaches. They are wonderful. Also, as an athlete it is a great way to really work out the muscles after a lot of training.

  • Wow, great giveaway! I am a local 🙂

    I've been fortunate enough to have several professional massages over the years. I've gotten them for different aches and pains, mostly tension headaches, joint pain (esp. in my hip) and knots in my shoulders. It helps immensely with releasing the tension that builds up from work and life. I truly believe that it is a form of healing…not just a way to pamper!

  • I have also requested to be friends of Shear Shakti 🙂

  • Ahhh, massage!

    On one hand, I do agree with you, that they really do have health benefits and you can experience a tangible difference in muscles/movement, etc. BUT, I don't really like being touched by strangers. It's hard for me to relax enough to really enjoy it.

  • i have had many massages through the years for stress reduction and neck pain. Nothing is more relaxing both physically and mentally than a massage. It always releases the tension that I carry around from life's stressors. It is the most luxurious thing one can do for themselves. Speaking of, perhaps it's time to schedule another one!

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