Wedding Photography Tips To Prepare For Your Wedding Day

  • Katie Rowland

    Oh HEY!!! ❤️ Our wedding pics in there!!! I’d love to add: Brides, be sure to schedule plenty of time for portraits with JUST the bride and groom! Jess did a fantastic job with the too-short amount of time we gave her; she did SO well that I later wished i had scheduled more time to get an even bigger variety of natural poses with just the two of us out in nature! (Seriously love them…I’m just a greedy media gal!)

    • @katie_rowland:disqus: I’m all about having more time for the bride and groom portraits! I should probably add that tip. Thought about it but then I ended up leaving it out!

      I wished that I could have whisked you and Dom away for some golden hour/sunset portraits after you finished eating, but I think the photo booth receiving line was a better use of y’all’s time because that was fun for ALL! 🙂