*Fiery Finish*

  • uhhuhhuhhh — so spectacular it took my breath away

  • biker

    Absolutely S T U N N I N G !!

    Lydia said it first… it took my breath away!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for the Irish Blessing. I could use it! Gorgeous photo as always.

  • you can do better. only joking. keep it up.

  • Perfection. Absolute perfection.


    I heart you!!

  • i am speechless. beautiful!!

  • I have just been scrolling through the wonderful photographs you taken from your trip…. thanks so much for sharing so much of the beauty…
    I love your photographs taken for April…your favourites are great, no wonder you had so many!!!
    Love visiting your blog, always such beautiful photographs.

  • Great sunset and blessing.

  • What an AWESOME scene!! Wonderful shot!

    I love taking close-up shots of flowers! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to capture God’s creativity!


  • lydia: Can you imagine how I felt seeing this sight in person?!?! It was beautiful……

    biker: No, thank you :o)

    1218: My special wish…..just….for…you!

    Pod: haha, Mr. Funny Man!

    TD: You know what? I heart you too!

    a little bird: You, speechless? haha I kid, I kid :o)

    jacky: Oh believe me Jacky, it’s my pleasure…..thank you for the kind words, it warms my heart 🙂

    greg: I thought they went well together 🙂

    DZ: Thanks for stopping by! Capturing the beauty that surrounds me is something I will always take delight in……flowers are my favorite!

  • Complimenti x le foto del Blog,
    molto belle!

  • Luisa: Thank you for the kind words, and for stopping by!

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