…:::Taking the Sun from the Day:::…

  • i so enjoy the pics from your trip (and i´m looking for more to come:)) – this one shows such a special mood! i also liked that yurt, must have been a wonderful experience…
    thanks for sharing all your marvellous photos with us:))


  • biker

    A very sensual image.
    I can feel the cool breeze coming off the water and watch the warmth of the day disappear westward across the Pacific.
    Thank you for the brief journey to another place and time.

  • So beautiful.

  • Oh how I’d love to be there now

  • Jeez I wasn’t even there and it makes my own heart ache… I can only imagine how you feel.

    Are you planning to go back someday?…

  • Yeah. Sigh.

  • J.M. that is some photo the best i’v seen this year.my eyes just see a perfect pic.i can’t see you doing any better once in a life time,but keep trying and keep pushing yourself.i was looking at a top mag today and looking at the pic’s i said to myself Jessica’s photos would put these pro’s work to the waste bin.let’s have more. thanks.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmm, now that is one amazing memory supported by one breathtaking photograph.

  • Jen

    I showed my watercolor teacher some of your photos and he wanted to know if you’re professional. They are very breathtaking . . .

  • johanna: The whole trip was a wonderful experience. I’m glad you’re following along!

    lydia: :o)

    biker: Stay tuned….

    elisabeth: Thank you!

    ragged roses: Me too!

    TD: One of these days…..I surely hope to go back :o)

    Prin: post-vacation funk blues….

    POD: Awe shucks, thank you for the kind words…..

    getty: thank you :o)

    jen: haha…..one of these days that will be true!!

  • holy crap! that is beautiful. my eyes almost watered up looking at that. geez!

  • Mac

    Nice photo to frame in wide angle, and display it in the living room just above a couch. The view has a mystical touch and yet romantic in a sense.

  • 1218: haha, thank you :o)

    Mac: That’s a great idea, maybe above the TV though since we have windows behind our couch.

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